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There are a lot of event companies that do what we do. They “Definitely” share the same “What” and “How”. What makes us really different is our “Why”.

We create “Experiences” not just “Events”. We love crafting every project with a true passion & attention to detail and we value relationships above all else..We are focused on turning dreams to reality. Innovating, pushing boundaries, and insisting on nothing but perfection from ourselves. Our wide-range of expertise has allowed us to create parties for all occasions.
So, let’s party!

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The year was 2018 when two best friends sat over a cup of coffee and discussed their interest to do something great. They both had a passion for creativity and were looking for options to explore their creativity. After noticing the lack of help for clients to organize events they decided a plan to start a company. That is how CreativeKorner events came into existence.

“CreativeKorner events” was inspired by the story of “CreativeKorner of Hamelin”. They were inspired by how the “CreativeKorner ” mesmerized his clients and took them to a dreamland. This fit perfectly with what they aspired the company to be.

We would like to express our thanks to the staff for all their hard work and impressive professionalism in organizing our wedding.

Anna and John Doe, Bangalore

My grateful thanks to the entire team of the Unica event planning agency for the superb organization of our conference.

Alex Snow, Bangalore

Thank you so much for the wonderful job in running our wedding celebration. It was a really flawless event. Thank you guys!

Jessica and Alex Mann, Bangalore